Jason Sudeikis reportedly still loves Olivia Wilde and now that she is single, he is hoping that they could get back together.

The "Ted Lasso" star thinks that the actress' relationship with Harry Styles was just a phase. She met the singer on the set of her film "Don't Worry Darling" and they dated for two years before they broke up in November last year.

Heat magazine in its Feb. 7 issue cited an unnamed insider who claimed that the actor believes Wilde dated Styles because she was going through a "thirty-something crisis." But now that she is single he is hoping to get back into her life again.

"He always hoped that she'd be back" once her relationship with the "As It Was" hitmaker fizzled out. Once it did, he began to shower her with praises "telling her how amazing and talented she is."

However, friends of the comedian worry that he would go through another heartache if he gets back with Wilde. The source said, "The problem is, Jason's friends are worried that while Olivia's enjoying the attention and praise, she's still rebounding from Harry. They worry he's just wasting his time."

Sudeikis reportedly still hopes they would rekindle their romance and believes that time can help heal wounds. But his pals allegedly do not see the "Tron" actress welcoming the comedian back into her life. The insider added, "It is great to see them playing nice, but he is still in a vulnerable place and Olivia shouldn't give him false hope."

The source's claims come after the exes were photographed hugging on a sidewalk in Los Angeles late in January. They appeared to be in a friendly mood amid reports that they are in a heated legal dispute over the custody of their two children, Daisy Sudeikis and Otis Sudeikis.

It is unclear if Sudeikis is dating anyone right now following his split from Keeley Hazell in May last year. But claims that he wants to give his relationship with Wilde another go are unconfirmed.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis REUTERS/Lucas Jackson