Jennifer Garner is bringing awareness to the plight of young Afghan refugees in America in a heartwarming video shared on Friday.

The "Yes Day" actress posted a video of her visit to Dulles Airport where she met with children and volunteers of Save the Children. The clip posted on Instagram showed her visiting a section at the airport where families are welcomed with food, toys, clothes, hygiene care, and more. She took the time to play with the kids and get affectionately mauled by two young girls.

The actress also spoke with a few members of Save the Children, an organisation that provides health care, education, and emergency aid to those displaced by war and natural calamities.

"Tucked away from a bustling Dulles Airport terminal, families from Afghanistan—refugees who fought alongside our soldiers, who supported our troops as their drivers, translators, administrators, women who fought for equal rights—are being welcomed into our country in an area curtained off from the public," Garner wrote alongside the video.

Operation Allies Welcome via @FacebookWatch

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"After weeks of worry and waiting they were finally here—hungry, exhausted, with nothing but the clothes on their backs—and their children. Over 40% of the Afghans coming into Washington DC are 0-12, including babies as young as 2 days old. Through Operation Allies Welcome, they are greeted by the US State Department, doctors and nurses, the US Armed Services, the Red Cross...and @savethechildren," she continued.

"A diaper changing station, clothes, blankets, a teddy bear, staffed child safe places to play may sound simple, but to these parents and children, they represent care, freedom, joy, safety. Children who feel safe PLAY. Play supports children's longer-term resilience, their ability to bounce back," she added and called the efforts "a human endeavor."

Garner also expressed her gratitude to Save the Children in helping the U.S. Department of State welcome Afghan refugees. She then asked for everyone's help to support these families affected by the conflict in Afghanistan. In response, fans applauded her kindness with some calling her "a national treasure," "a role model," and an "all-around amazing human."

Jennifer Garner
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