Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were forced to deal with their issues because the pair decided to exchange their "I dos" before they even tried to resolve them, a new report claimed.

Sources told Closer UK, in its latest edition, that Lopez and Affleck are facing problems related to their respective kids, busy schedules, feeling of unsettlement and many others. An unnamed insider claimed that the "Let's Get Loud" hitmaker is dreading the times when she would have to be away from the "Batman" actor because of their work.

The tipster claimed the very thought of being away from Ben Affleck makes Jennifer Lopez cry because she will miss her husband so much. It said, "And the general struggles faced by parents merging two families and all the stress that comes with that. There's been some tension between them."

The magazine also reported that the "On the Floor" hitmaker and Jennifer Garner have allegedly been trying to get along. However, the two women in Affleck's life reportedly keep a certain level of distance from one another.

The tattler claimed, "Jennifer didn't want to make J.Lo feel uncomfortable and knew that her being at the wedding would have created a certain atmosphere, which she wanted to avoid. She was honest with Ben about her reasons and sent them a gift and a card, which he was very touched by."

To recall, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck flew off to Milan, Italy, just days following their second wedding in Georgia for their second honeymoon. While photos of the newlyweds suggested that they enjoyed their trip, a mole dished that the Hollywood couple got into a fight.

However, the "Gigli" stars reportedly made sure to resolve their issues because they both know that their marriage is highly-publicized and they allegedly do not want the media to even question their love for each other. Lopez and Affleck reportedly intend to make their relationship work until the end.

The source furthered, "Despite their rows in Italy, there were also some wonderful moments where they were able to open up to each other about their fears and be honest about how they're feeling, which, for J.Lo, was a huge milestone given Ben had always been someone to run away from his emotions."

Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have yet to comment on the claims that they were forced to resolve their issues to make their marriage last. So, avid followers of the couple should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Gotham/GC Images