Jill & Jessa: Counting On
The new three-episode special will narrate Jill and Jessa's life after Josh Duggar's cheating and porn addiction scandal TLC

The Duggar daughters are making a grand return to the small screen, not with 19 Kids And Counting but with their own show Jess & Jill Counting On. The three-episode special will focus on the lives of the two sisters post the cancellation of the popular TLC show after their brother Josh Duggar's sexual abuse and porn addiction scandal.

Soon after the famous evangelical Christian family's reputation was tarnished, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard moved to EL Salvador for charity along with their son Israel. At the time Jessa was pregnant with her first baby and has recently given birth to son Spurgeon.

The upcoming TLC show will focus on the lives of both the sisters as they move on from the controversies and concentrate on their babies' lives.

Apart from the two sisters, the upcoming docu-series will also focus on Anna Duggar who will speak about how she is dealing with her heartbreak and her little children. "It was heartbreaking to hear what had happened," the mother-of-four said in the promo video released by the network.

In a blog post, the official website of the Duggars has stated that the members of the family are returning to prime time TV.

While there were many rumours regarding Jim Bob and Michelle not being happy about their daughters having their independent show, the family's official blogpost contradicts them all, as the family has sought the blessing of their fans for the three-episode special "The Duggars would appreciate your prayers for their family and for TLC as this three-part miniseries is released to the public," they wrote on their blog.

Jessa & Jill Counting On premieres on 13 December on TLC.