CBS is planning a The Big Bang Theory spin-off featuring a young Sheldon Cooper and actor Jim Parsons, who currently plays the lovable physicist character on the CBS show, is "really thrilled" about it.

Parsons, who recently won Favourite Comedic TV actor award at People's Choice Awards, has some advice for the actor who will be in to play a young Sheldon. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight during a sit-down at the SiriusXM studio in New York City, the actor said, "I would advise that actor to watch me as little as possible, and take that thing by the horns, and make it your own."

The spin-off will focus on Sheldon's formative years of growing up in a colourful family in Texas. According to Parsons, the idea to do a spinoff on his character was almost a no-brainer. He told the outlet, "[The writers] have done, from the beginning, such a good job of building such a history and a layered nature to all these characters. It just seems like a really wasted opportunity if you don't decide to explore the origin story with that."

He added, "I mean, they've layered so many things in there over the past decade that is already there to be drawn from. I 'm really excited about it. I think it will be very different than Big Bang, but in a good way."

Variety first broke the news about the Big Bang Theory spinoff series. A source told the website, "The project is nearing a script deal." Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the original series, will reportedly be the executive producer of the spin-off along with Chuck Lorre. Also, Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro. Co-creator/executive producer Bill Prady is also likely to be on board, said the website.

The Big Bang Theory airs every Thursday on CBS Network.