Michelle Obama has won the internet again, with her side-eye during President Donald Trump's inauguration held on 20 January. The former first lady's facial expressions during the event have been turned into one of the best memes on Twitter.

The Obamas welcomed the Trump family into the White House with a gift, but Michelle's sideward glance while receiving a gift wrapped present from Melania has sent Twitter users into a frenzy. One user wrote, "My favorite moment Michelle Obama's face when MELANIA TRUMP gave her a gift."

Another user tweeted, "The ONLY good thing about that inauguration was Michelle Obama's face. Magnificent." A user shared a photo of the 53-year-old throwing major "side-eye shade" and wrote, "The arc of Michelle Obama's side-eye shade bends toward justice."

Another user pointed out "Michelle Obama does not have a great poker face."

Trevor Noah called out the former first lady on a special episode of The Daily Show for her inability to make the perfect poker face. Noah said, "For me the person who most captured the feeling of the day was First Lady Michelle Obama. It was all over her face."

Noah showed Obama receiving a Tiffany's box that Melania brought for her and the awkward expression following that. The talk show host joked, "She clearly did not want it. And look at Obama! Look at him! He's like, 'Uhhh, just put it anywhere, I'm moving. Just put it anywhere.'"

Noah also poked fun at the gift inside. "It was just a tiny note from Melania that said, 'HELP!'" He went on to say that the whole day showed Mrs. Obama as the "barometer of America's feelings."

He said, "That face is every emotion rolled into one. That's like, 'Bye, Felicia,' 'Boi-bye,' 'I'd like to speak to your manager,' 'I'm so done,' all rolled into one."