A woman who was groomed and raped by paedophile Jimmy Savile has spoken of his twisted lusts.

Georgina Martin, 46, revealed details of the perverted sexual behaviour the BBC star inflicted upon her to the Mirror.

Martin said she hopes speaking up will encourage more of Savile's victims to come forward.

Martin says she was raped more than 20 times over three years by Savile, when he was at the height of his fame. She was 13 when they met at Leeds railway station in 1982.

TV star Savile died in 2011 before he was exposed as among Britain's worst paedophiles, suspected of abusing hundreds of victims.

Revealing his "warped secrets" she said: "He liked to whip my breasts with his belt and bite me on my chest and between my legs."

Savile had other creepy interests, too. "He was obsessed with death and with the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe," she said.

Much of the abuse took place in Savile's luxury penthouse flat in Leeds, including sex in the bathroom after he plied her with alcohol.

But Martin was truly alarmed when Savile began boasting of how a girl's dead body had been found covered a bite marks.

"He told me he had been questioned by police after the body of a young girl was found near his home covered in bite marks," she said. "Jimmy said they had made him hand over a sample bite mark. But he was always bragging about how he was protected and had people who looked after him."

Despite Savile's behaviour during the three years they saw each other, Martin said the penny never dropped about the true nature of what he was doing to her.

But all that changed when allegations emerged upon his death and soon turned in to a torrent, as more people came forward.

"He told me so many warped secrets and let me in on things I now realise are significant to detectives ­investigating what he did," said Martin.

The abuse stopped soon after Martin told Savile she was pregnant in 1985.

Martin's daughter, 29, has said her "worst nightmare" is that her father could be Britain's most infamous paedophile.

They have asked for a DNA comparison with one of the Savile's relatives to establish the truth. "I want to know the truth, but I hope to God I was not fathered by that man," she told the Mirror.

"It would be the worst nightmare imaginable to find out Jimmy Savile was my dad."