Hacktivist group Anonymous' latest campaign is targeting paedophile networks around the world and calling on everyone to take to the streets in protest on 13 February under the "Operation Death Eaters" banner.

Operation Death Eaters - a reference to the acolytes of Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series of books - is asking members of the public to contribute to a database of paedophile cases which it says will help expose a global network of what it terms "paedosadists" and their coterie of acolytes who protect them.

What are Death Eaters?

Anonymous' definition:

A member of a sociopathic society where the societal norms or culture are driven by sadism or sexual sadism disorder. The agony of others is not a side effect of their actions but a goal. Death eaters are distinct from those with an individual personality disorder in that their society's norms, structure and actions are all constructed to feed their sadism.

The group is looking for "factual information" on "the scale of the paedosadist industry" to share on social networks. As well as seeking to identify individuals it believes are involved in child abuse, the campaign will look to shine a light on the dark corners of the web where child abuse images are regularly shared.

#OpDeathEaters, as the campaign is known on Twitter, has gained momentum partly by the Westminster child abuse scandal relating to an alleged cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring in the 1980s. Last week a secret government file detailing "unnatural" sexual behaviour taking place at Westminster 35 years ago was discovered in the National Archives.

Prince Andrew

The campaign is also using the recent high-profile allegations made against Prince Andrew of underage sex with a teenage girl supplied to him by US financier Jeffrey Epstein, to help get people's attention.

A video to accompany the call for a 13 February protest mentions the resignation of David Cameron's aide Patrick Rock after he was charged with making and possessing scores of child abuse images.

The group also mentions Leon Brittan, who died last week, as having "escaped persecution" along with Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile, "leaving their victims with no justice and the investigations with lost opportunities."

The group adds: "They escaped accountability for their actions. Others will not be so lucky."

The group is hoping that as well as helping to create a grassroots database of paedophile cases around the world, they will take to the streets on 13 February to show their support for the campaign:

"On February 13th, 2015, we will call on all adults with a shred of dignity and moral outrage to join us as we take to the streets. We are the media. We will be silenced no more," the group said in a statement.