Joey and Rory Feek
Joey Feek is battling stage 4 cancer and is in hospice care Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Terminally ill Joey Feek has spent the most important week of her life. Despite being too frail to do any activity, she decided to cook dinner for her family. Her proud husband Rory Feek shared a heartwarming picture of the ailing singer cooking a meal for her family from her hospice bed.

"When a mother can't get to the kitchen, but wants so much to help make her family dinner... you bring the kitchen to mama," Rory captioned his Instagram picture, which shows the cancer-stricken 40-year-old mother chopping vegetables in a blender. She also had other ingredients on her bed to prepare a wholesome dinner for the family.

The third week of February 2015 was a dream come true for Joey, who is battling stage 4 cancer. She celebrated Valentine's Day with her husband and singing partner in the sweetest way, by driving through the blizzard to bring some of her favourite sushi rolls.

"And though she'd hardly eaten anything at all for the last couple of weeks... starting that night, her appetite came back and she had the greatest time," the 49-year-old country singer wrote in his latest blog.

He also revealed that his ailing wife was so excited for their daughter Indiana's second birthday that she couldn't sleep the whole night and couldn't hold back her tears after waking up in the noon as she finally "made it" to see her daughter turn two, one of her biggest wish after her cancer returned in an aggressive form in November 2015.

"There is lots of real pain and hurt and frustration and fun and laughter... and most times, we just pinch ourselves because we feel so darn lucky and blessed," the father-of-three wrote. "But the moments that seem to stand out — the ones that matter and hurt the most of course — have tears in them. And I can't help but share a few of the most powerful moments as they happen. To capture them. To remember."

Previously, Rory had revealed that his wife was dying as the pain she was suffering had become unbearable. In 2014, Joey was first diagnosed with stage four cancer, few months after giving birth to her daughter. She underwent intense sessions of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, the cancer returned in an aggressive form and doctors termed the tumours "inoperable". In November 2015, they stopped treatment and admitted her to hospice care to spend her time with her family.