Joey Feek
Country singer Joey Feek is under hospice care and is spending her remaining time with her family YouTube/Vevo

Country singer Joey Feek, who is currently under hospice care after her cancer became aggressive a few months back, has had rollercoaster time during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Her husband and singing partner Rory has revealed that his wife had a tough time welcoming the new year due to the unbearable pain she was suffering from her sickness.

"She's had some good days, some bad days – some wonderful moments, and some deep pain that the morphine just couldn't seem to touch. How could it... it wasn't that kind of pain," the 49-year-old Grammy-nominated singer wrote on his blog site.

...loving watching them loving each other.

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However, he also wrote that, despite of having intolerable pain, she managed to put on a smiling face for her family. "Though she managed a smile most of the time, Joey's heart was heavy and she was feeling some things she hadn't before. A sadness. A fear of the unknown. And even some anger – not at God, just at her situation I suppose. It's not easy for her to be as excited about what the new year holds in store as it was last year."

In his blog, Rory thanked Gospel-singing legend Bill Gaither and his wife Gloria Gaither who are constantly lighting up the Feeks home. The father-of-three added that the legendary songwriters sit besides the cancer-stricken singer's bed and try to make her moments brighter by telling her jokes and stories.

"That's the thing about someone burning with passion," Rory gushed about Gaither and his wife, who have made every effort to bring joy to his family. "The whole world can see their light. They have something that shines so bright inside them, others can't help but notice it in their eyes and on their faces and in their actions. They use their lives to provide some light in a dark world that can be overwhelming and scary at times.

Joey has a 22-month-old daughter, Indiana, with husband Rory and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2014. After undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, her cancer returned in an aggressive form, after which doctors stopped her treatment and transferred her into hospice care.

She was later shifted to her home state of Indiana to spend rest of her remaining time with her parents and other family members. During Christmas, the ailing country singer surprised her family by taking a stroll from her hospice bed to the living room to spend some memorable moments with them.