Four years after John Galliano was fired from Christian Dior following his arrest over an alleged anti-Semitic tirade in a Paris bar, the controversial British designer is preparing to speak at a Jewish event.

The 54-year-old star has been announced as the keynote speaker at Connect - Fashion with John Galliano, an event to launch a new London Jewish learning program.

The event, organised by Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and CEO of Conde Nast, aims to "bring together like-minded Jews in Central London for a series of special evenings."

Galliano, known for his flamboyant fashion collections, is one of the stars that will feature at the opening session of a new program called Connect, organized by three West End synagogues and designed to bring "Jews and Jewish learning back into the West End" of London.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Galliano's appearance will mark a further step in his rehabilitation.

In March, prominent London Rabbi Barry Marcus recently revealed that he was friends with Galliano and was determined to help him repair his image.

"As a human being, as a Jew, as a rabbi, as a humanist, I'm almost duty-bound to open the door to somebody who wants to make amends," Marcus said.

In 2011 footage emerged allegedly showing a drunk Galliano declaring "I love Hitler" and telling a group of Jewish women that their mothers, your forefathers "would all be f**king gassed" during an anti-semetic rant at a Paris cafe.

He returned to the fashion scene briefly in 2013 with a job he fashion house of Oscar de la Renta before being appointed creative director of Maison Margiela in October 2014.