Actor Johnny Depp reportedly lost a fingertip in a volatile confrontation with wife Amber Heard as he accused her of cheating on him with Billy Bob Thorton.

Depp, 53, sliced off the top of a middle finger of his right hand as he shattered drinking glasses and windows while shouting at Heard, according to TMZ. He then dipped his bloodied finger into blue paint and wrote on a mirror "Billy Bob" and "Easy Amber," the celebrity media site reported.

Depp was drunk and high on ecstasy at the time, Heard told TMZ. The injury allegedly occurred in March 2015 while he and Heard, 30, were living in Australia when Depp was shooting Pirates of the Caribbean a month after the couple had been married.

It was widely reported at the time that Depp returned to the US for hand surgery after suffering an injury, but the actor offered no explanation on how he had been hurt.

Neither Heard nor Depp commented on the TMZ story, which included a graphic photo of a bloodied finger, reportedly part of Heard's divorce case against Depp.

But a source for Billy Bob Thorton told People magazine that the actor "definitely, absolutely did not have an affair with Amber."

The increasingly acrimonious relationship between Depp and Heard has centred on Heard's accusations of domestic violence by the actor, whom she claims has serious substance abuse issues. Depp has denied any violence, despite various photos of a bruised Heard, and he has been backed up by his former wife Vanessa Paradis, who plans to testify on his behalf in the divorce trial.

A video was recently leaked showing an angry Depp shattering glasses and a glass cupboard while yelling at Heard until the scene goes sideways and off. "You want to see crazy? I'll give you crazy," Depp said at one point as he pours a giant a glass of red wine. "Here's me – all your crazy."

Heard denied she had anything to do with the release of the video. After the video went online, she was spotted at the Los Angeles airport, in town for the start of the divorce proceedings, with red marks on one of her arms and both legs.

Depp's attorneys claim Heard is cooking up a domestic violence case in an attempt to "secure a premature financial resolution."