Jordan's airforce has destroyed a convoy of military vehicles that were trying to cross the border from Syria.

An army spokesman said the vehicles ignored warnings to stop as they were driving towards the border and were consequently attacked by fighter jets.

"The camouflaged vehicles tried to enter from an area with rugged terrain," the Jordanian army said.

"The fighter jets fired warning shots, but they were ignored, prompting them to destroy the vehicles. The army will not tolerate such actions."

Amman did not say how many vehicles were in the convoy or if there were any casualties.

A Jordanian security source told Reuters the convoy was made up of civilian cars mounted with machine guns driven by Syrian rebels.

They reportedly tried to cross near the northeastern town of Ruwaished.

Damascus has denied the vehicles belonged to the Syrian army.

"No military or armoured vehicles belonging to the Syrian army moved towards the Jordanian border, and so what was targeted by the Jordanian airforce does not belong to the Syrian army," a Syrian military official said.

The Jordanian border is known to be a conduit for smugglers attempting to supply weapons and other items to rebels fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Amman's armed forces routinely carry out anti-smuggling operations and arrests but the incident appeared to be the first time military aircrafts were openly used along the border.

A spokesman for the Jordanian government said the kingdom was increasingly worried about domestic security threats represented by the infiltration of rebels from Syria.

Mohammad al-Momani told Reuters: "We are worried about cases of infiltration... and reports that talk about armed groups that are close to the border and the absence of security there."