Jordan's Queen Rania and Princess Iman toured the historic district of Amman over the weekend and met with members of Out and About, a group that helps promote cultural tourism.

The stylish 44-year-old royal and her 18-year-old daughter visited the popular Rainbow Street during the teen's summer vacation from Georgetown University. The Queen, who boasts of several active social media accounts, shared a photo of her and her daughter visiting a cafe.

According to PEOPLE, the royal mother-daughter duo also visited a tea shop and headed to one of the city's oldest falafel eateries.

The fashion-forward royals met with Out and About, which runs activities for Jordanians and visitors from abroad. Mother of four, Rania, wore a cream-coloured turtleneck, cropped cigarette pans and suede pumps, Us Magazine reported. Meanwhile, the young princesses chose a white T-shirt, light-coloured jeans and a pair of trainers.

Out and About is a group of young people not only organise a cultural tourism programme called Mashaweer, they also run a book club, an adventure group and the Circles Program to raise awareness through seminars and workshops, PEOPLE reported.

"So many hidden jewels in Amman, all you need to do is walk down Rainbow Street to discover wonderful experiences, old and new!" Queen Rania captioned a photo of her and the group on Instagram. "Thank you for taking Iman and me on this walk yesterday evening."