Kate Middleton at the "Royal Carols: Together At Christmas 2023
Kate Middleton (centre) is seen here carrying out her last royal duty at the "Royal Carols: Together At Christmas" concert before her abdominal surgery on Jan. 16, 2024. Photo: The Prince and Princess of Wales/X The Prince and Princess of Wales/X

The public wants to know the truth about Kate Middleton's health after Spanish journalist Concha Calleja claimed that the royal was in a coma after her abdominal surgery.

The journalist is standing by her statement after a palace source called it "total nonsense" and "totally made up". She said during the popular Spanish news programme "Fiesta" that the 42-year-old was put in an induced coma due to post-operative complications.

She said the Princess of Wales "was in great danger" following the surgery and that doctors had to save her. Calleja shared that she spoke about the princess' health "to an aide from the royal household in a completely off-the-record manner".

"The doctors had to take drastic decisions at that moment because of the complications that arose," she said, according to The Times.

She added: "The decision was to put her in an induced coma. They had to intubate her. There were serious complications that they didn't expect because the operation went well, but the postoperative period didn't go so well.

"The concern in the royal household was palpable. It was about saving her life."

Calleja added that Kate Middleton was taken to the hospital on Dec. 28 last year after she "began to feel unwell, not for the first time". It was then that the surgery was decided. Kensington Palace had announced that the princess had a "planned abdominal surgery" on Jan. 16.

The journalist reported that "practically an entire hospital" was set up in the princess' home at Adelaide Cottage for her recovery process. However, a palace source slammed Calleja's claims and said: "No attempt was made by that journalist to fact-check anything that she said with anyone in the household."

The unnamed insider added: "It's fundamentally, totally made-up, and I'll use polite English here: it's absolutely not the case."

But the journalist, who has authored books about the British royal family including the 2021 "Diana, Requiem for a Lie," is not backtracking on her previous statements. She reaffirmed her claim, according to Spanish publication Casa de Borbon and said: "This happens when you touch a nerve, it is annoying."

Calleja said that after 27 years dedicated to covering the British Royal Family, she trusts her insider. She said: "I fully trust my source. What happens is that they feel upset because we have discovered the truth."

Calleja's revelation and her doubling down on her statements only further intrigued netizens who wants to know the truth about the princess' health. One wrote on X: "Doubling down means her bosses are very confident."

Another chimed in: "I just want to know if princess Kate is alright, because I believe the Spanish journalist's report concerning the princess current health issues. All of a sudden, cats caught the palace courtiers's [sic] tongues."

One more wrote: "RF always lies. Had they just come out and said Kitty had complications from the surgery. They would have received a ton of sympathy. But the continual evasiveness, lies, and speculation have yielded a complete sh1t show. RF fire your advisors."

Despite her rebuttal, Kensington Palace has stayed mum on Kate Middleton's condition as she recovers in Adelaide Cottage. Prince William and other members of the royal family, have also not publicly addressed the public's curious questions about her mysterious illness.

The Princess of Wales was discharged from The London Clinic on Jan. 29. She was not pictured leaving the hospital but her long-time assistant, Natasha Archer, was seen driving away followed by several other cars.

On the other hand, King Charles III was snapped leaving the same hospital on the same day. He was at The London Clinic for three days for a "corrective procedure" to treat an enlarged prostate.