Shane MacGowan
Shane MacGowan's fans wish him a steady recovery ED Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Shane MacGowan's fans can rest assured that the 64-year-old singer will be alright. The star's wife, Victoria Mary Clarke, 56, posted on Twitter, thanking everyone for their support. Clarke wrote on Twitter, "he is being treated for an infection." Before her fortunate update, the journalist wrote on Twitter, "Please send prayers and healing vibes to @ShaneMacGowan in hospital again and really hoping to get out asap!! Thank you."

Fans of the Pogues star quickly sent their condolences, thoughts, prayers, and love to their idol. Clarke has since updated her Twitter followers on MacGowan's condition. Additionally, Clarke told the Irish Mirror in an interview that she is "sure he'll be fine" and that fans should not "get too worried."

MacGowan was hospitalised on December 2, last Friday, and has previously suffered health issues in recent years. The star has been wheelchair-bound after breaking his pelvis back in 2015. After being left with ongoing mobility issues, MacGowan had a new set of teeth and titanium implants fitted in his jaw the same year. Victoria stated that MacGowan is "frustrated" with being hospitalised, with the singer and his partner hoping the hospital will release him this week.

According to Clarke, who has known MacGowan since she was sixteen, the doctors are treating the star, and they are confident he will be fine. Clarke started her career as a music journalist, writing the biography, A Drink with Shane MacGowan. The couple, who usually doesn't even allow celebrities or journalists into their home, apart from Sinéad O'Connor, has been very transparent with MacGowan's health during these trying times.

During an interview with Spectator, MacGowan gave people an insight into his life. He said, "I'm not a morning person, but I am glad to be alive, so I'm grateful to wake up. I have beautiful carers who come and get me out of the bed and into the lime green chair. Usually, someone tries to get me to do or talk about something."

Shane Macgowan
Fairytale of New York remains one of the Pogues' most well-known songs

The Pogues singer has had an inspiring career, and fans will surely pray for a fast recovery. His music has touched the lives of many and continues to uplift even the upcoming generation. The 63rd Ivor Novello Awards honoured MacGowan in 2018 with an Ivory Novello Award for Songwriting.

News of MacGowan's hospitalisation comes weeks before Christmas when people will play Fairytale of New York to celebrate the holidays. Fairytale of New York, written by MacGowan and Jem Finer, remains one of the Pogues' most well-known songs, coming after a rough patch in their career. Released in December 1987, the song to this day is a Christmas classic listened to by many during this festive time.