Judge Robert Rinder suggested that Prince Harry is being hypocritical in his stance against tabloid stories when he himself has remained mum on concerns regarding the portrayal of Princess Diana in "The Crown."

The barrister joined Susanna Reid on Wednesday's episode of "Good Morning Britain" where they touched on the royal's recent statements about the harmful effects of misinformation in the media. The Duke of Sussex had blasted the U.K. media for allegedly painting his mother in a "pathetic" light. He also vowed to protect his wife Meghan Markle from the same "self-manufactured rabidness" that affected Princess Diana.

However, Judge Rinder hit out at the Duke of Sussex and called out his practice of "double standards." He questioned why he and the Duchess of Sussex agreed to sign a multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix when its show, "The Crown," portrayed the late Princess of Wales in a weak manner.

"I like Meghan and Harry, but what I don't understand is if Harry is worried about misinformation, what about the fact that he and Meghan have taken a huge deal from Netflix – and the misinformation about their late mother Lady Diana. They have taken millions of pounds for this," he said adding, "How is that okay? How is that consistent and not misinformation?"

The 37-year old has remained publicly silent on issues regarding the portrayal of Princess Diana in the series. Unlike his brother Prince Wiliam, who has since expressed his dismay and said he is appalled by its depiction of their mother.

The only time the Duke of Sussex publicly talked about the show was during his interview with James Corden in February. He had said that the show is "loosely based on the truth." He said he is way more comfortable with the series than the tabloids writing fake stories about him and Meghan Markle.

Judge Rinder is not the only one raising concerns about Prince Harry's deal with Netflix. Royal biographer Angela Levin also challenged the duke to cut ties with the streaming giant for the sake of Princess Diana. She questioned if money is more important to him than protecting his mother's legacy.

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