Royal expert Angela Levin criticised Prince Harry for staying mum on concerns regarding the depiction of Princess Diana on "The Crown" and for not cutting ties with Netflix.

The author of "Harry: A Biography of a Prince" said the Duke of Sussex should make a stand against the show. She criticised him for not "finding his voice" over its controversial portrayal of the late Princess of Wales.

Levin said that Prince Harry "has remained absolutely silent about Netflix." She also suggested that he "should tear" his multimillion-dollar deal with the streaming giant and "make a stand for his mother."

"What's more important? Money or defending his mum?" she told The Sun and added that she finds it "astonishing he can't find his voice on this."

Season 5 of "The Crown," which will come out in November, will focus on Princess Diana's relationship with her sons and Prince Charles before her tragic death in 1997. It will look into her failed marriage with the Prince of Wales and her relationships with Dodi Fayed and heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. It will reportedly also feature a full episode on her infamous BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir.

Prince William has since warned against the use of the interview for entertainment or commercial gain. As for Prince Harry, he and Meghan Markle still have their multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix despite pressure from royal experts that they abandon the deal for Princess Diana's sake.

Even Jemima Khan, a close friend of the late royal, withdrew her support for "The Crown" because of its "disrespectful" portrayal of the princess. She refused a writing credit even though she worked with series creator Peter Morgan from last September to February this year on the story. She requested that all her "contributions be removed from the series."

She said it was "really important" for her that her friend's final years be "portrayed accurately and with compassion, as has not always happened in the past." But her co-writing agreement was "not honoured" when she realised that "particular storylines would not necessarily be told as respectfully or compassionately" as she had hoped.

Aside from Levin, royal expert Ingrid Seward also said that Prince Harry probably "didn't think it through" when he made the deal with Netflix. But added that Meghan Markle would have because "she's not an idiot." She said that the Duke of Sussex is "not totally oblivious" about the concerns raised on Princess Diana's portrayal on "The Crown" because he talked about the show with James Corden in February.

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