#JustATampon campaign
The #JustATampon campaign was launched by international children's charity Plan UK and news site VPoint to break the stigma of periods YouTube screenshot

Although it happens to women every month, the menstrual cycle, or periods as they are more commonly known, is still a taboo subject among adults. However, that may change thanks to a new social media campaign titled #JustATampon.

The aim is to encourage social media users to donate £3 ($4.60) to international charity Plan UK, which is raising money to buy sanitary towels for underprivileged women and children around the world.

Interestingly, women are not alone in sharing selfies with their tampons on Twitter and Facebook as requested by the campaign, with thousands of men joining in on the trend.

Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow proudly posted his tampon photo on Twitter while telling his followers: "Support the effort to stop taxing a female necessity."

Other men shunning any embarrassment to support the cause include:

The campaign has also been launched as a partnership with news website VPoint, who have created a video quizzing men about their knowledge of 'that time of the month'. Needless to say, most struggled with identifying sanitary products.

Explaining the campaign, charity Plan UK said in a statement: "The stigma and embarrassment attached to women's periods contributes to gender inequality worldwide.

"Because it's just a tampon – there's nothing to be embarrassed about, but just a tampon can change women's lives."

Watch men being quizzed on their menstrual cycle knowledge:

Highlighting the lack of education about menstrual cycles in underprivileged countries, Plan UK spoke to several young girls who were unaware of what happened to them each month.

One girl said: "I had never heard of someone getting pregnant. My old classmates said they now have a special teacher at school who explains everything.

"This lady also gives home made emergency sanitary napkins to the children who need it which they make in the health club. I wish I had known all that."

The organisation states that the requested £3 could provide a girl in Uganda with sanitary towels for a year.