Kaley Cuoco as Penny
Kaley Cuoco as Penny in The Big Bang Theory CBS

Have you ever wondered about Kaley Cuoco's "work ethic" while filming the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory? The actress took to social media to post a hilarious set photo alongside her co-stars and producers and give fans an example of her "full attention span".

In the Instagram photo, everyone is intently listening to the producers, while Cuoco is seen distracted and flashing a huge smile at the camera.

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"Another perfect BTS example of my full attention and work ethic during the live taping of tonight's episode @bigbangtheory_cbs," the 31-year-old actress captioned the photo.

Cuoco's Instagram post seems to have earned the approval of her fans, as it has garnered 53,283 likes from her whopping 3.3 million followers. One user commented, "Such a mischief," another teased her saying, "Don't you make like a million dollars an episode? Back to work."

An ardent fan of Cuoco didn't want The Big Bang Theory to end anytime soon. "I want you guys to keep going 'till you're 50!!!" a fan urged, while another fan went further and said, "I think your show should continue till you're like 90."

Praising her character Penny's storyline, a fan wrote, "The penny's story is my inspiration to keep the faith in my dreams. I love you all so much. Thanks."

In this Thursday's episode (2 November) of The Big Bang Theory season 11, Emmy winning actor Bob Newhart returned to the show as Sheldon's spiritual guide.

"It's just great coming back," Newhart told Entertainment Tonight.

Newhart, who won an Emmy for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series back in 2013 after his first appearance on Big Bang Theory revealed why he keeps coming back to the series. "It's good writing. I knew it was going to be good writing and that's, I think, kind of hard to find these days."

"[And] it's done in front of a live audience, which [is what] I always did for my shows," he added.

Bob Newhart
Bob Newhart alongside Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory series CBS