Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are visiting Kim's ancestral home of Armenia this week. Along with their daughter North and the rest of the Kardashian clan, the couple are visiting the country to commemorate the 100<sup>th anniversary of the mass murder of ethnic Armenians in Yerevan.

Kardashian's late father Robert Kardashian was of Armenian-American descent and considering this will be the first time that any of the Kardashian siblings have travelled to Armenia, they will no doubt want to explore every aspect of its culture across their eight-day long trip.

IBTimes UK have put together a list of 10 things the Kardashians might want to get up to during their fleeting visit.

10. The National Art Gallery

This particular gallery is the country's largest art museum in the Republic Of Armenia and is located on another popular tourist site, Yerevan's Republic Square. Whilst the gallery contains mainly Armenian art, it also features examples from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Iran. The slightly more contemporary ceramic collections include pieces from Japan, China, Italy, Austria and Germany.

9. Kami Club

The relatively small, but hugely praised Kami Club offers visitors an interesting place to have a drink and a dance, to the background music of local bands and DJs. It also serves recommended food. The Kardashians love a good party so this should suit the family members visiting quite nicely!

8. Water World

Whilst the previous suggestion was more suited to the older guests within the Kardashian group, this one should please North, Mason and co. down to the ground. Water World is a small water park aimed at children and teenagers, situated in the capital of Armenia. If the family opt to give their children a break from learning about their ancestry, making use of Water World's slides and pools might just be all that they need.

7. Saint Gregory The Illuminator Cathedral

The Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Yerevan is currently the largest cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the world, effectively making it the largest Armenian cathedral. It is considered to be one of the largest religious buildings in the South Caucasus along with the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (known as the Sameba Cathedral). Adjacent to the General Andranik metro station, it's visible from the numerous corners of Yerevan.

6. Lake Sevan

Whilst Armenia may not have beaches to boast of, Lake Sevan's picturesque combination of grassy land and vast open waters might just make up for it. The largest lake in Armenia, the location is also one of the largest high-altitude freshwater lakes in the world.

5. Vernissage Market

This 350m market lies between the Aram and Buzand streets and mainly features a collection of traditional Armenian artwork being sold.

4. State Museum of Armenian History

This place might be worth a visit from the family just to get an idea of the history behind the country they are spending some time in.

3. The Monastery Of Geghard

Labelled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geghard is a medieval monastery partially carved out of the adjacent mountain. The cliffs that tower the monastery are part of the Azat River gorge and are also a part of their World Heritage Site label. Having been carved from the mountains, some of the churches within the sacred place look like nothing more than caves whereas others are elaborately designed. Most visitors to Geghard also choose to visit the nearby the pagan Temple of Garni, located further down the Azat River.

2. Northern Avenue

The appropriately named place of interest for the Kardashian's visit, Northern Avenue is located in the heart of Yerevan, Armenia's capital. First opened in 2007, the avenue is slowly becoming the country's shopping hub and is home to some elite brands in its stores. We all know the Kardashians are interested in fashion, so they might love the unique looks Northern Avenue has to offer!

1. The Singing Fountains

Something that everyone in the vacationing group should enjoy are The Singing Fountains. Running from early spring to late summer, a combination of a light and water display goes on at the main fountains outside Republic Square. This event takes place each evening and is often carried out to the background noise of jazz, classical and contemporary rock and pop music.