The Duchess of Cambridge is convinced she is having a girl because of her constant cravings for sweet treats.

Kate, 33, who is pregnant with her second child and just weeks away from giving birth, has reportedly told friends that, if there's any truth to the old wives tale, her cravings for chocolate and biscuits, are a sure sign she is carrying a daughter.

The Duchess, suffered acute morning sickness at the beginning of the pregnancy, but has since developed a liking for chocolate biscuit cakes and sticky fruit loaves.

A source revealed: "Prince William has always had a sweet tooth, but Kate has really had sweet cravings during this pregnancy. She could barely keep anything down in the first months of her pregnancy but recently she just cannot get enough of naughty treats."

The royal couple have been spotted buying their favourite sugary treats at the Humble Pie bakery in Burnham Market, 40-minutes from their home in Amner Hall.

"Kate has popped into the store on her own and with William. She loves the cakes and says they are delicious," said a local.

A version of the £7.25 Wicked Chocolate Biscuit Cake that is the couple's favourite tea-time treat, was specially requested for the couple's wedding.

Kate has apparently taken up baking to satisfy her sugary cravings and bakes with George.

Earlier, the Duchess sparked rumours that she is expecting a baby girl after she was spotted browsing for clothes in the girls section of children's boutique Amaia in Chelsea.

Last October, Star magazine claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting twin girls. In December, the same publication claimed that Kate's younger sister Pippa Middleton threw a small, pink-themed baby shower for her.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton had previously claimed that the royal couple will name their second child Diana, if it's a girl.

Speaking at a South London charity, the Duchess revealed that her due date is mid-April.