Like all of Kate Middleton's outfits, the dress she wore to the service at St Paul's Cathedral was widely appreciated. The ear rings, however, were not; the set was believed to made of diamonds but we now understand the Duchess plumped for a £48 fake.

According to the Daily Mail, the accessories were a good copy of the originals and designed by Belinda Hadden, the ex-wife of top PR man Abel Hadden.

Kate wore the ear rings with her pale pink Alexander McQueen, the LK Bennett heels and a Jane Taylor hat.

"I was at a wedding, so I had no idea Kate had worn my earrings until another client sent me an email asking: "Are they the same as mine?"It wasn't long, however, before the 'Kate effect' began to work, with internet chat rooms abuzz. Within the next 24 hours, I had sold out. I sold 60 on my website, which is the amount I would usually sell in a whole year. They are made of finest grade cubic zirconia, but what make them look authentic is the settings they are in," Hadden told the Daily Mail.

Apparently, the pearls are ground-up freshwater pearls reconstituted with resin. Hadden, who designs most of her earrings and necklaces, is only too happy to have Kate as her client.

"Usually, I would never dream of talking about my clients but, in this case, Kate's earrings were posted on various blogs. I had no idea there was this huge internet chat about where, when and what she wears. I have always loved jewellery and I did a short design course - two terms - at a further education centre run by my local council," she said.

Sales of the fake ear rings, like any other brand endorsed by Kate Middleton, have gone sky-high. Kate is known to be thrifty in her dressing sense, often recycling dresses, something she has earned the Queen's approbation for. However, this is the first time she has ever worn fake jewellery.