Amidst royal duties and public engagements, Kate Middleton certainly knows how to let her hair down. The mother-of-three—Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis—found herself some time to socialise and enjoy herself with fellow mothers of children at her kids' school St. Thomas's Battersea.

According to Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a night of party and drinks with her friends in a pub in Chelsea. The British royal reportedly sneaked into the nightclub through a secret entry in order to avoid any kind of drama and hullabaloo. It is said that the secret entrance that the 37-year-old used to enter the fancy venue was initially installed for Prince Harry which he used in his bachelor days.

As per the publication, the pub is known as Hollywood Arms and it has a rear alley leading to the secret doorway that kept the duchess away from snooping cameras and paparazzi. It allowed her to spend time and interact with the parents of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's classmates at the "meet and greet". The event was organised in October so that the parents of the newly-admitted kids could get to know each other better.

Charlotte, 4, joined the school in September 2019. Meanwhile, George, 6, has been a part of the educational institution since 2017.

Prince William's wife made a casual appearance with only one Royal protection officer who kept an eye on the events of the party discreetly from a distance. It is said that Kate sipped a few drinks and enjoyed the casual and relaxed environment with her companions. The group of parents came together in a private area of the pub called the Boulevard Bar costing up to £2,500.

The pub is said to be a low-key venue for Chelsea residents who usually drop in for weekend brunches and Sunday roasts. In the past, the place was owned by royal florist and interior designer Willow Crossley and her now-husband Charlie. She reportedly did flower arrangements at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding.

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Kate Middleton at the Baftas Getty

Kate's recent outing has evoked quite a response from her followers who find her "relatable" when they find her going about routine things like any other person.

According to The Sun, Kate has surprised her fans several times when she was seen running errands such as shopping at the supermarket and taking a budget airline to Aberdeen. And also, the latest revelation by royal hairdresser and stylist she does her own makeup has impressed fans of the future queen.