English supermodel Kate Moss posed completely nude for an advertisement for self-tan brand St Tropez. The 39-year-old claimed to have been using the product for 15 years, when she was revealed as the brand's new ambassador.

Kate Moss Poses Naked For St Tropez
Kate Moss Poses Naked For St Tropez St Tropez

"I have used St. Tropez since it started," she said, "Around 15 years ago, the first time I went to Ibiza I didn't want to be the only white person on the beach so I had a St. Tropez. (They) do it so well that you do look natural, you don't have that fear, which I always did, of going streaky and not being able to fix it total nightmare."

"There is no reason to go around with that pasty pallor anymore, which is really exciting," she added.

Moss said she felt "confident" and "look[ed] much healthier" with a tan. The glamorous model, who a daughter - Lila Grace Moss, also claimed to love summer and sunbathing.

"I love everything about summer and can't wait for it to come. I love hanging out in my garden, not having to put layers and layers of clothes on and I love to swim in the sea," she added.

Michelle Feeney, St Tropez's chief executive, said she felt Moss was the perfect face for their brand and that she was "absolutely thrilled" with the partnership with Moss.

"It gives us the ultimate stamp of approval on the quality of our products. Kate epitomises St Tropez's naturally glamorous approach to self-tanning... [Her] fashion icon status is important to us but now her growing number of beauty campaigns proves that her appeal as a beauty icon resonates with confident women across all age groups globally," Feeny said at the event.

Check out a video of Kate Moss at the St Tropez photoshoot

[Video Courtesy: St Tropez Tan/YouTube]