Katie Price
Katie Price posing for the cameras (File photo) Getty

Katie Price has vowed never to have another facelift surgery after successfully undergoing a procedure to fix her "f****d up" face from a previous botched operation.

Speaking to The Sun, Price confessed that she previously had a facelift surgery without researching the procedure.

"Choosing the right place to do the right procedure is vital. Maybe, with hindsight, I should have thought twice before jumping in. I wasn't happy with the outcome last time and didn't like the way I looked," the 39-year-old told the publication. "This is the last time I will have surgery on my face."

Price was "horrified" with the results of the previous "thread lift surgery", a source told the publication, adding that the TV personality was not keen on undergoing another operation but eventually decided to have the latest surgery as she wanted to "reverse the damage".

"It was a very painful procedure, but there was no way she could live with that damage," the source said. "To add insult to injury, she was receiving loads of abuse from trolls on Twitter, comparing her to plastic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein. Katie doesn't let remarks like that get to her, but some were horrible."

Price was recently spotted in a wheelchair outside a clinic in Brussels, with her face wrapped in bandages and drainage tubes dangling from her head after undergoing an operation to fix her botched facelift.

Price has praised Doctor Frank Plovier for fixing the botched surgery on her face.

"I instantly feel better after [Dr] Frank [Plovier] treated me. He is the only surgeon I've trusted over the years and the only one I wanted to correct the work," she told the Daily Mail. "I am so happy with Frank's work, he really has restored my confidence. He is very loyal and an incredible surgeon!"