Katie Price has branded Ben Stokes "disgusting" after a video of the England cricketer poking fun at her disabled son emerged.

According to reports, the 10 second clip shows Stokes "mocking" the model-turned-TV star's son Harvey's appearance on ITV's Loose Women last year.

Harvey, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome and behavioural problems, on the show had revealed how he responds to online abuse from trolls.

"Hello you c***," the son of former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke had said.

In the video obtained by the Daily Express, Stokes is heard saying "Harvey, what do you say when people are being mean?" while loosely flapping his left hands in an impression of the 15-year-old teenager.

He then adds: "Hello you c***" and roars in laughter.

The mother-of-five is furious with Stokes' behaviour.

"I don't know this guy or why he would do this. It's disgusting," Price told friends, according to The Sun.

"Katie only became aware of this video this afternoon when it appeared online, but she's very upset by it," a friend of the 39-year-old told the news website.

"She is extremely protective of Harvey, as any mother would be, and has always made it clear that she finds any jokes about him totally unacceptable."

"She's got no idea who Ben Stokes is, and she's never met him, so it's outrageous that he would want to ridicule her son like this."

"He doesn't deserve this, and especially not from a man who is in the public eye who should be setting an example to other people."

"Katie has made it her mission to speak out against this sort of behaviour," the friend said and added, "She says, 'No joke about Harvey will ever be funny to me'."

Stokes' "disgusting" impressions come after his arrest following a brawl outside a Bristol nightclub in the early hours of Monday. Stokes, who has been suspended by the ECB along with teammate Alex Hales, is allegedly seen in a footage knocking a fellow reveller to the floor with a single punch.

Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes during a cricket practice session Getty