A 34-year-old woman from Kentucky, US, has been charged with murder after she allegedly killed her newborn daughter by cutting off her umbilical cord with a pair of scissors.

Amanda Meade had reportedly given birth to a baby girl on 15 October in a home that did not have electricity or running water. A 20 October indictment against Meade stated that she had cut the umbilical cord with scissors. According to the State Medical Examiner's Office, she had not compressed it properly afterwards, which resulted in the baby dying due to blood loss, EKB-TV reported.

Reports say that Meade had called 911 around 3pm local time (8pm BST) on the day of the incident, saying the baby was not breathing. West Van Lear Fire Chief and Deputy Coroner Bill Robinson, who responded to the call for help, said the call was made about an hour after she delivered the baby.

He added that emergency services were immediately sent for help and the responders were able to revive the baby, who was said to have moved an eye and a finger. The baby died at Paul B Hall Regional Medical Centre after living for about 20 minutes, The Daily Mail reported.

Meade has not only been charged with murder, but also faces additional chargers for possession of methamphetamine and possession of a handgun by a convicted offender.

If convicted, the mother could face 20 to 50 years of jail. Also she has a bond of $50,000 (£38,085) and it is not known whether Meade has a lawyer.

She is expected to be back in the courtroom on 20 December.