Singer Kesha performs during a concert at the Rock in Rio music festival in Rio de Janeiro
Singer-performer Kesha was involved in a legal battle with her former producer Dr Luke Reuters

Kesha, after combating a long-drawn legal battle, depression, and eating disorder, finally seems to be happy, in fact in her own words, the singer is "happy as a damn clam." The True Colors hitmaker made a quick trip to the beach and later on posted a string of topless pictures on her Instagram account that were cropped mid-chest.

As she became one with nature, the pop-star followed up her nude selfies with a picture of her silhouette and dipping in the sea, with her bare back facing the camera.

Standing jubilantly in the water, the 29-year-old singer's wordy caption asserted her love for the self, "I have decided to take my life back," she wrote. With her hands raised defying the haters and the body-shamers, Kesha's uplifting message is indeed food for thought.

The Tik Tok hitmaker's heart-rending post threw light on the recent struggles she faced and her ongoing journey.

"I have been battling depression and an eating disorder for a while now," she wrote and continued to add, "My career is in a strange place and it feels like I'm fighting an uphill fight some days. But I have decided to take my life back. My freedom. My happiness. My voice. My worth."

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After having fought an arduous legal battle with her former music producer Dr Luke, the singer seems to have traced her path back to music, as she recently released her single True Colors in collaboration with EDM artist Zedd. From what seems to be pictures of her tropical vacation, Kesha took the opportunity to slam her bodyshamers as she shares, "I will not just f***ing be quiet and hide."

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On a note of personal happiness, the singer adds, "today I'm making that choice. And I'm happy as a damn clam," Followed by a statement peace-out emoji, the Die Young singer concludes, "and also a big ol f**k u if u wanna hate on my body. just remember that makes u look like a d**khead."

It seems Kesha is recovering from the days of her legal fight as she holidays on the beach, slamming haters, and getting n adorable "whale shark blob" tattoo.

new tattoo? ... whale shark blob whatever. I hope my hand doesn't fall off

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