Did she, or didn't she? The British public were torn after Wednesday evening's Killer Women with Piers Morgan when convicted killer Amanda Lewis vehemently denied murdering her daughter Adrianna by drowning her in an outdoor swimming pool. Viewers took to Twitter in their ambivalence of the chilling case, with many leaning towards Lewis' innocence, citing things such as "How was a 5-year-old's testimony accepted?"

Though her son, AJ Hutto, provided a US courtroom with a damning testimony two years after the tragedy, when he was just seven years old, along with an accompanying sinister sketch of what he thought occurred, Lewis still maintains she is not guilty. While last week's murderer, Erin 'most dangerous woman' Caffey, who orchestrated the killings of her entire family, flinched and squirmed when Morgan prodded her about the malevolent plan, Lewis remained calm as she stood her ground.

Shaking her head slowly and replying "No," to whether she had killed her daughter by drowning, along with passing a lie detector test, the public were left flabbergasted by what to believe. Could the little boy have made up the incident? But why would a young child make up such a thing? Or maybe Lewis is simply a calculating murderer who is a mastermind manipulator. Unless a new pejorative piece of evidence presents itself, it looks as though we'll never know.

amanda lewis
Convicted killer Amanda Lewis maintains her innocence to Piers Morgan ITV

Body language specialist Judi James has encountered guilty people who tinker with the truth, and convince themselves that they are innocent. She told IBTimes UK: "I have seen murderers capable of producing completely innocent signals but only because they had no ability to feel guilt or because they believed what they did was completely justified.

"I have also seen innocent people looking guilty as hell because the utter shock of being accused has left them looking blank and numb, which has been read as unfeeling and cold and therefore a sign of guilt."

Suggesting Lewis was comfortable in her jail surroundings, she continued: "Waiting to see if Amanda could look Piers straight in the eye and tell him she was innocent is playing a dangerous game, because under those conditions, it could be a performed rather than a natural response."

See the Twitter reaction below to whether the public believed Lewis or not.