It is said that King Charles III does not want Prince Harry to release his memoir because he fears that it has the potential to damage his reputation. A source claimed that he will do anything to get his youngest son to cancel his book.

The new British monarch does not want the book to ever see the light of day and he is desperate for it to be shelved. He is said to be willing to do anything to convince the Duke of Sussex even if it includes begging.

King Charles "will beg Harry not to release the book," the insider told OK! magazine. But "the bigger question is whether or not he will be able to persuade Harry to cancel it, at whatever cost."

At the moment, the royal family is still grieving the loss of Queen Elizabeth II so discussions about Prince Harry's memoir are put on the backseat. But the source claimed that "once the dust settles, you can bet that Prince Harry will be summoned to speak to the King. There is no circumstance in the world where the King will not address the book before it is published. He has an obligation to protect the crown."

It was initially reported that the memoir will be released this year in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But recent claims suggested that the Duke of Sussex is having second thoughts and wants to have it published next year instead.

His decision has reportedly nothing to do with his relationship with his father, but he has postponed his book's release out of respect for Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty will be laid to rest on Sept. 19. After which, royal family members will observe a seven-day mourning period.

Prince Harry said he wrote his book not as the prince he was born but as the man he has become. He assured that it contains "wholly accurate and truthful" accounts of his life and this has reportedly left King Charles III worried that its contents could damage not just his credibility but the reputation of the monarchy as a whole.

Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry addresses the United Nations General Assembly at the celebration of Nelson Mandela International Day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, U.S., July 18, 2022. Reuters / EDUARDO MUNOZ