Turkey has reportedly agreed to allow up to 200 heavily armed Peshmerga fighters to enter into the city of Kobani in order to fight Islamic State militants.

Fuad Hussein, the Kurdistan President's Chief of Staff, confirmed in an interview today that "a small group of Peshmerga fighters will be in Kobani within days".

It is the first time the Turkish government has supported the Kurds in the fight for Kobani, symbolising a major U-Turn in government policy.

The Turkish government had previously denied that any Kurdish fighters would be allowed to cross the Syrian border and fight in the besieged city.

On Sunday, Turkey's President Recep Erdogan insisted that he had no plans to support the Kurds, calling them "terrorists".

Several Kurdish groups which are fighting Islamic State, are linked to the Kurdish Worker's Party (PKK), which remains banned in Turkey. The insurgent group carried out a 30 year guerrilla war against the Turkish government, in a bid to force Kurdish independence.

Kurdish militant groups, including the People's Protection Units (YPG), have been involved in a month-long fight with Islamic State in Kobani.

News of fresh soldiers and heavy weaponry will be welcomed by the YPG, whose ranks include a number of foreign fighters.

US air strikes and drops of aid supplies continue to be carried out in and around Kobani as the fighting continues to rage on for the city. Despite recent Kurdish counter attacks, Islamic State fighters continue to surround the city.