A new docuseries on the Ku Klux Klan is set to get tongues wagging in early 2017 as television network A&E offers an insight into the lives of the hate group's members and their families.

The eight-episode series will use real names and faces as it focuses on three Klan members – who are attempting to recruit even more members – and in some cases, their own children, the New York Times reports.

The bizarre television show will also capture efforts by three anti-hate activists to convince members to leave the group, "or to at least to leave their children out of it".

According to the publication, Generation KKK began taking shape a year and a half ago, despite the timing following an election that has encouraged white nationalists. Producers of the show were reportedly circumspect in creating something that both offered an undistorted look at KKK members while not just providing them a platform to promote their views.

Film-maker and executive producer Aengus James told the New York Times: "We had a stance, and we were clear with folks that we were hoping for them to see the light and to come out of this world. It's an incredibly destructive environment for anybody to be in, let alone children."

James added: "The struggles we were most drawn to were the struggles with the internal families."

People have already taken to Twitter ahead of the show's release on 10 January, with one person claiming the network is normalising the group. They wrote: "Shame on @AETV & shame on @nytimesarts for reviewing it instead of slamming it #NoNormalizing #GenerationKKK #resist".

Another pointed out a pattern for the A&E network's choice of shows, adding: "People forget, #AETV produced the suspected white supremacists Duck Dynasty, & Dog The Bounty Hunter. And now Generation KKK," as a third posted: "Generation KKK normalizes racist hate. Please do the right thing and cancel the show. #boycottAETV."

Others defended the docuseries, with one Twitter user writing: "The people crying about "Generation KKK" also applauded All-American Muslim show. Stop being such pansies & change the channel if offended."