A formal complaint by 17 Wallasey Labour party members alleges that Eagle was the target of a homophobic slur at the annual general meeting on 24 June. It is further claimed that a member was intimidated with threats of being punched in the head.

The original charges made about the AGM were brought by Paul Stuart, vice-chairman of the suspended Wallasey Labour party. "At our AGM, when electing the LBGT officer, there was some delegates who started limping their wrists to each other and laughing. Homophobic comments have been said by members including 'Angie the dyke', making reference to Angela Eagle MP."

Baroness Jowell has also claimed that Eagle experienced anti-gay abuse at meetings in Wallasey ."I spoke to Angela about her meeting," she said on the BBC's Daily Politics. "She faced homophobic abuse at that meeting."

"Meetings have become very hostile, with people attending who should not be present. Members have been heard threatening people, saying they 'would come back there and punch you in the head' for having an opinion. This is commonplace now and goes unchallenged by anyone because of intimidation and bullying," the complaint says.

The charges are challenged by Eagle's opponents. According to a Guardian report, a meeting is taking place on Tuesday (2 August) to examine the allegations. One of the organisers, Paul Davies, said reports of intimidation and bullying were "all lies".

Wallasey Constituency Labour Party (CLP) was suspended over allegations of bullying and intimidation. The Liverpool Echo said that the move comes following unrest among grassroots members and a push to deselect Eagle following her challenge to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Wallasey members are keen to have a frank and open debate at the meeting, saying: "This is your chance to find out what is really going on in Wallasey Labour party and your chance to have your say.

"Why are the 1,400-plus members of the Wallasey party not allowed to meet, what are the accusations being made, are they true, why are 150,000 fully paid-up Labour party members not being allowed to vote in the leadership election, including over 540 who live in Wallasey?"

Eagle released a statement recently stating: "Bullying, intimidation, misogyny and homophobia have no place in the Labour Party and it is right that the national Labour Party now investigate this behaviour. I hope that the issues can be resolved, and that we can have an active, inclusive and effective local Labour Party that can tackle the real problems faced in our local community."