Lady Gaga is offering $500,000 to anyone who can bring her stolen French bulldogs home safely, after two men forcefully took them from a dogwalker on Wednesday, 9:40 p.m. on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Hollywood.

Dramatic footage obtained by TMZ showed the dogwalker, a family friend named Ryan Fischer, being approached by two men who came out of the backseat of a car. One of them can be heard saying "Give it up" and a struggle ensued wherein Fischer seemed to call out for help.

A gunshot is then heard and the dogwalker fell to the ground after he got shot in the chest. The two men got back into the car with the two dogs, Gustav and Koji, before leaving the scene. Asia, the third French bulldog who was left behind, can be seen running back to Fischer.

A representative for Gaga confirmed that the video was taken by the singer's neighbor who agreed to release the clip to help in the arrest of the suspects and return of the stolen dogs. The "A Star Is Born" actress was reportedly in Italy at the time of the incident but she has offered $500,000, no questions asked, to whoever can recover Gustav and Koji.

Meanwhile, the singer's dad, Joe Germanotta revealed that the robbery has greatly affected his family. He likened it to someone kidnapping "one of your kids" as he admitted that they "are just sick over it, it's really horrible." He implored the public for help in arresting the thieves in an interview with Fox News on Thursday.

"Help us catch these creeps. Shooting someone in order to steal dogs is wrong," he said.

Fischer is said to be critically wounded from the robbery but is now in a stable condition, according to ET Canada. The Los Angeles Police Department has also identified the two suspects. Both are Black males around 20-25 years old, one has blond dreadlocks, wore a black hoodie, and was armed with a semi-automatic handgun, while the other wore dark clothing.

It is unclear if this was a planned robbery on Lady Gaga's dogs. After all, French bulldogs can fetch between $1,500 to $3,000 with pedigree lineages even more expensive at $10,000.

Lady Gaga
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