Lady Gaga is withholding the promised $500,000 reward money for the return of her stolen dogs while the police investigate reports that the dognapping is part of a gang initiation.

The singer has yet to pay the woman who found and surrendered her two French Bulldogs, Gustav and Koji, to the Los Angeles police department. She is waiting on the cops' orders as they have yet to clear the unnamed person from any involvement with a gang.

A source told TMZ that police are investigating the motive behind the dognapping given the emerging gang initiations in Los Angeles. Similar crimes have reportedly taken place around the area.

The publication referenced the captured footage from the night of the incident. Two men took off with Lady Gaga's two dogs after one shot the dog walker, Ryan Fischer, multiple times on the chest. The thieves could have reportedly just driven off with the dogs since they were nowhere near Fischer.

Koji and Gustav stood to the other side of the robbers. This was a great positioning advantage already for the thieves to just pick up and storm off with the dogs. Instead, they still chose to harm Fischer which, according to the publication, gives credence to the gang initiation theory.

Days after the incident, a woman turned up to the police station and surrendered the dogs after she claimed to have found them. Details as to who the woman is and where she retrieved the dogs remain confidential.

The police believe that she is not involved with any gang. However, they are still looking into the matter to be certain. The "A Star Is Born" actress is just waiting on them to give her the go signal to pay the woman the reward money.

Fischer, on the other hand, is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital. He has since shared his gratitude to the people who helped bring back Gustav and Koji to Lady Gaga. He also thanked those who sent him messages of support and love. The dogwalker refused to share any details about the dognapping but expressed relief instead that the singer's babies are back home safe and unharmed.

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