Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise season 4 episode 3 was interrupted by Trump's speech on Afghanistan ABC

Week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise season 4 kicked off with a major speed bump. No, it was not because one of the contestants got themselves into a spot of trouble or they could not find the rose for the highly anticipated and much delayed rose ceremony.

It was because the 21 August episode was interrupted midway to air President Donald Trump's speech on military strategy and his plans to tackle terrorism in Afghanistan.

"Sadly The President's speech will eclipse #BachelorInParadise tonight. But ABC will be showing it later for those that get Trump'd," Chris Harrison, the show's host tweeted.

ABC did, however, continue the program after the Potus' speech but fans were none too pleased about being made to wait even longer for the season's first rose ceremony.

"Also never got to the end of #BachelorInParadise bc trump interrupted me and cut my recording short so f**k u trump reason 231718 to hate u," Twitter user Anna Laine wrote online. Others expressed equally strong emotions, some calling for his impeachment while others described it as "the last f**king straw".

"Me: I don't think Trump can get any worse. Trump: *interrupts #BachelorinParadise to make speech*. Me: IMPEACH," one user posted.

It looks like Trump is not the only one to cause delays on the show. According to ABC, the 22 August episode timing has been moved forward to 1.30am for New York audiences due to the Giants game.Bachelor in Paradise usually airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c.