Things are looking good for Sony as consumers are eagerly waiting for more details regarding the PS5. The Japanese tech company has been teasing snippets of information about its next-generation system to the delight of its fans. Moreover, there are AAA first-party games on the way such as "Death Stranding," which comes out next month and "The Last of Us Part II" slated for next year. Unfortunately, the latter has encountered a snag in development, which pushes it release date a little further down the line. Nevertheless, gamers and journalists are apparently fine with it as indicated by reports.

According to the developer Naughty Dog, the team working on the action survival horror sequel needed more time to work on the finishing touches for the game. Fans of the game studio are aware of how much it values quality in all its releases. The original target date was February 21, 2020, but it has been shifted to May 29, 2020, for a good reason.

An update on The Last of Us Part II:

— Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) October 24, 2019

An article from Forbes notes that Neil Druckman, the director of "The Last of Us Part II," made the announcement via a post on the PlayStation Blog. "At this point we were faced with two options," wrote the Naughty Dog executive, "compromise parts of the game or get more time," he added. It appears the game studio opted to go for the latter, which seems to benefit both the development team and fans of the franchise.

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— Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) October 16, 2019

This eases the pressure on the people working on the game and gives them more time to test it thoroughly. This process helps eliminate potential game-breaking bugs and glitches that can affect the gameplay experience for players. Moreover, it looks like fans appreciate the transparency offered by Druckman and his team and look forward to an amazing game when it comes out.

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Furthermore, sources claim its new release date strategically places "The Last of Us Part II" at a time where there's not a lot of big launches from other studios. Based on the feedback gathered from gamers, it is one of the most highly-anticipated exclusives for Sony's ageing PlayStation 4 platform. Meanwhile, gamers with an active subscription to PlayStation Plus looking to catch up with the storyline can grab the first installment for free.

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