A previously unseen footage from the scandalous show Love Island has surfaced on the internet exposing a completely naked Chris Hughes to shocked fans of the series.

Although the footage seems to be from last month, the leaked video has caused a frenzy on social media forcing ITV bosses to step in, as per reports.

A source claimed that the Love Island hunk was "hugely disappointed" after the nine-second long clip made its way to the internet.

"We are aware of certain footage being in circulation on the internet and we have taken steps to remove it," a show source told The Sun.

Apparently filmed on a mobile phone, the shocking clip shows Chris walking around the villa with his shorts pulled down while he bared his penis to the lenses. "What, it's a d***?" he shot back before being asked to get into the bathroom.

Earlier, the Love Island contestant stirred quite a controversy when he flashed his manhood to the ladies, attracting comparisons with a "baseball bat".

"The size of his d*** isn't normal and it's only a semi," Olivia Attwood, fellow contestant and now lover of Chris, declared to a stunned bunch. However, the playful saga ended with the ladies catching a glimpse of his manhood and Olivia announcing that "It's like a baseball bat!"

While fellow Islanders seemed to be amused with the x-rated display, Twitter soon exploded with hilarious memes and messages with fans reacting to the silly showdown. "Chris couldn't wait to show his willy off," one fan joked, while another pointed out how "Amber was more excited about Chris' willy than Liv."

After causing a stir with his cheeky display, though, Chris made it official with Olivia on Sunday night's episode. They became the fourth couple to have sex in the communal bedroom.

Later on, Olivia even revealed that she was having struggles walking straight.