In the run-up to the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U, expectant fans were repeatedly told that they hadn't seen the full scope of Link's latest adventure. Less than a week after its 3 March launch, we now know that Nintendo was not kidding in the slightest.

Breath of the Wild's re-imaging of the hallowed video game fields, mountains and lakes of Hyrule is humongous when compared to not only previous iterations in the Zelda series, but also similar open-world fantasy games.

Look beyond the world's pure geography and the amount of hidden trinkets, outposts, NPCs and story secrets nestled among its peaks and troughs is just as staggering, with players only now discovering the full wealth of things-to-do while putting off a climactic showdown with the nefarious Calamity Ganon.

Thankfully, an in-game world map is on hand to help track your route via Link's handy Shiekah Slate. The downside is that each region of Hyrule is left blank until you can find Breath of the Wild's take on an 'open-world tower', the Shiekah Towers.

Finding each Shiekah Tower is relatively simple after the opening sequence on the Great Plateau, with each towering over the vast landscape. Unlike an Assassin's Creed-like tower, however, scaling these huge structures will not fill your mini-map with location markers, and instead leaves off towns, stables and the all-important Shrines of Trials until you find them yourself.

These 100+ Shrines are essential finds as they present brief puzzle or combat sections which reward you with a Spirit Orb per Shrine. As well as Shrines opening a fast-travel spot to speed across the map, every four Spirit Orbs obtained within can be traded in at specific statues (hint: there's one opposite the main building in one of the first towns you visit... it starts with a K) for either a Stamina upgrade or a new Heart Container.

Finding the story-essential first four Shrines on the Great Plateau is relatively easy, but check our guide if you are having trouble. Finding every Shrine, however, is a monumental quest (which also unlocks a special outfit that we won't spoil), but thanks to an Imgur post there is now a completed map available which shows the location of every Shrine and Shiekah Tower (and towns and outposts).

Minor Spoiler Warning: You can find the map and a more detailed map video by YouTuber BeardBear embedded below. If you want to completely avoid spoilers then do not look at these maps. While there are no major story spoilers here, it will show you the entirety of Hyrule's layout, including region names and (in the video) town names.

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