In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U, to the north of Hyrule Castle, is the Lost Forest, an area shrouded in fog that'll have echoes of familiarity for veterans of the Zelda series who played N64 favourite Ocarina of Time.

Just as with the Lost Woods leading to the Forest Temple in that game, there is just one safe path through the forest. Head in the wrong direction, and you'll be sent back to the beginning with the cackle of an unseen witch.

Unlike Ocarina of Time however, the path isn't a series of areas with two or three potential exits; instead it's an open but foggy space deliberately designed to trick and mislead players.

As you approach the Lost Forest from a clearly marked path close to that particular region's tower, you'll see and approach a lit torch. This is where the fun begins.

The Legend of Zelda Master Sword

How to find your way through the Lost Forest

  • The first step is easy. Simply follow the lit torches straight ahead and round to the left until they're no longer obvious.
  • From this last torch it's not clear where to go next. The solution is off to the right as you approach this torch. In the distance you'll catch a glimmer of one of, or both of, the next two torches. Make a beeline for them.
  • This is a checkpoint. The next step is trickier and where most will struggle, so you'll need it.
  • There's a wooden torch to the side of one of the torches. Light it and carry it with you. It won't make a difference, but you'll feel safer.
  • There's also a tree in front of these torches, and inside is a hidden chest. Open this to get the Forest Dweller's Spear.
  • You'll want to go to the left of this tree. On your first run you'll see a deer leading you in the right direction for a little while. If you lose it, take a wrong turn and are returned to the checkpoint, the deer will no longer be there.
  • The path from here isn't easy to describe. The design of the forest is deliberately vague and misleading. The general path will see you bear left, then head right towards a hill and then further right to a tree marking the start of a valley.
  • As a general rule, follow the trees with the scary, toothy smiles. Also, look out for the fog rolling in and listen out for the audio cues indicating you're about to be engulfed and transported to the checkpoint. As this begins to happen, you'll have a window of a few seconds to escape the way you came and pick another path.
  • When you reach the opening of the valley, the danger is over. Follow this and soon enough the fog will clear and you'll be in Korok Forest. Ahead, in a clearing, will be something very familiar - the Master Sword. Approach it to trigger a cutscene.

Below is a slideshow of screenshots to help you out if need be.

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How many hearts do you need to get the Master Sword?

As you'll soon learn, it's not as easy as simply picking it up. We won't go into the details of how you find this out, but pulling the sword out of the stone drains Link of his health, meaning the player will need enough hearts to get the legendary weapon.

You'll need a minimum of 13 hearts. Heart containers are obtained via trading in the Spirit Orbs awarded to the player after completing a Shrine, or by conquering the game's four Divine Beasts.

Do this, and you'll get the Master Sword - the only weapon in the game (as far as we're aware) that doesn't break.

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