The Legend of Zelda Tarrey Town
The completed Tarrey Town in Breath of the Wild. Nintendo

There's a secret town in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one literally built in front of your eyes as part of a lengthy side quest that reaps great benefits upon completion. It's a silly quest – and one that requires trips all across Hyrule – so here's how to complete it quickly.

Tarrey Town is built as part of a side quest called From The Ground Up, which unlocks after you purchase the house that's about to be torn down in Hateno Village, in the south eastern corner of the map.

Here you'll encounter Bolson and his team of construction workers, before being tasked with collecting 30 bundles of wood (get used to chopping down trees for this) before you can buy the empty house for a discounted 3000 rupees.

After this is done Link is able to do up the house with Bolson's help and talk to Hudson, his second in command who has been dispatched to the the north east corner of Hyrule to commence work on the building of a new town.

After speaking to Hudson in Hateno Village, he'll head off to the Akkala region, where you'll find him. We've used this fantastic fan-made interactive map of Hyrule to provide the maps you'll need for this quest.

Zelda Tarrey Town Guide
Where Hudson is building Tarrey Town. Nintendo

Here, Hudson will tell you the town is looking just a little bare (he's the only one there and he's only built a house for storage). This is where Link comes in!

The quest is cyclical: first you'll be required to collect a certain number of wood bundles for Hudson (as you did for Bolson earlier), then he'll task you with heading out into Hyrule and finding inhabitants for Tarrey Town that fit his bizarre criteria: their names must end in "-son".

First he requires 10 bundles of wood, which are easy enough to collect by chopping down the trees around the edge of the area where the town will be built. Later on you'll need to venture beyond that space, but there are some trees nearby (including some near one of the game's Great Fairy Fountains).

You'll also want to be sure that you have enough sharp weapons to chop a lot of trees down over the course of the quest – you'll be breaking them pretty quickly.

Give the 10 bundles to Hudson and he'll tell you he needs someone big and strong to move and destroy the boulders around him, offering up some space on which to build Tarrey Town. What he needs is a Goron. Head to the mine just outside Goron City (as highlighted on the map below) and you'll find Greyson (as seen in the screenshot below).

Zelda Tarrey Town Guide
Zelda Tarrey Town Guide

As soon as you've sent Greyson on his way, you can travel back to Tarrey Town and Hudson will request some more wood from you, before sending Link on his way again. Here is how much wood you'll need and where to find the next three Tarrey Towners.

Rhondson – Kara Kara Bazaar

Wood bundles required: 20

Rhondson can be found outside Kara Kara Bazaar's central shop. She'll also venture inside at certain times of the day.

Zelda Tarrey Town Guide
Zelda Tarrey Town Guide

Fyson – Rito Village

Wood bundles required: 30

Fyson is lounging around on one of the platforms in Rito Village.

Zelda Tarrey Town Guide
Zelda Tarrey Town Guide

Kapson – Zora's Domain

Wood bundles required: 50

Kapson is located under the king's throne, crouching over what must be a very interesting pool of water.

Zelda Tarrey Town Guide
Zelda Tarrey Town Guide

Prior to the fourth part, Hudson will inform you that he and Rhondson are engaged and require a priest, which happens to be what Kapson was before he retired. After gathering the four townspeople, it's time for the wedding, but first you need to return to Hateno Village to inform Bolson that the town is complete and he's invited to the big day.

Return to Tarrey Town after inviting him and enjoy the fancy wedding. After this, you'll get access to the town's best store, which will sell you clothing items and the Hyrule Shield (but only if you've already found it already in the world but have lost it).

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