''It's a no brainer'', ''park this'' and ''run it up the flagpole'' are just some of the buzzwords and phrases UK employees want banned from the workplace, according to research by CV-Library published on Wednesday (12 April).

The job board surveyed 1,000 respondents online in January and found that more than 74% of workers felt people only use buzzwords to sound more intelligent in front of their colleagues.

The research also revealed that just under 35% of professionals admitted that they used buzzwords, suggesting that there is a dwindling need for them in the workplace.

"It's unsurprising to see that buzzwords are falling away from the UK workplace," said Lee Biggins, the founder of CV-Library.

"With clear and concise communication the number one priority for many companies across the country, it's understandable that more and more workers are growing agitated with buzzword focussed environments.

"While technical knowledge and understanding is extremely important to help drive UK businesses forward, there needs to be a clear differentiation between technical terminology and everyday buzzwords."

Elsewhere, the survey found that more than a third (36.8%) of respondents had a particular buzzword or phrase that they were tired of hearing in the workplace.

The top 10 most disliked buzzwords

  1. Let's touch base – 40.2%
  2. Thinking outside the box –38.9%
  3. How long is a piece of string – 28.4%
  4. Run it up the flagpole – 28.2%
  5. Thought shower – 27.5%
  6. Ping me – 25.6%
  7. It's a no brainer – 25.1%
  8. Park this – 24.9%
  9. FYI – 24.2%
  10. Get all your ducks in a row – 23%

Source: CV-Library