LG G4 is experiencing touchscreen lag LG

LG's latest flagship smartphone has been plagued by unresponsive touchscreen issues.

Folks at XDA forum and some Redditors have confirmed the touchscreen detection issues wherein the device does not respond to both taps or swipes while trying to wake it up.

"I have the VS986 version and I have a Mime tempered glass protector. Noticing miss taps and the scrolling isn't fluid very choppy," notes a forum member, scrillakev.

Senior XDA member liamR, has given a few outlines using which you can check whether your G4 is suffering from the said issue. The following seemed to have worked for his international G4 model H815.

  • Open the Dialer and enter 277634#*# to enter the Service Menu.
  • Go to Device Test -> Service Menu - Manual Test -> Touch Draw Test - Manual.
  • Now touch/tap/knock/slide on the test area (all of it) until its almost full and watch for missing registration (you will touch the screen and there will be no red mark). I repeated the test several times and almost every time I had misses.

Using these you can also check other G4 variants such as H815x, H812, H811, H810, LS991, VS986 and US991.

"I have the international H815 and this issue killing my Knock Code experience (Had the G3 without any issue)," said the member.

Meanwhile, a Redditor called Akomack31, has noted that the SGS Touchscreen Booster appeared to have fixed all his touchscreen issues on the G4.

"I just installed this app on my G4, I don't feel like I've had any misses as far as touch response goes since! I seriously am 100% happy with this phone now! (Other than root) I was a little worried I was going to hate this phone because of this issue," asserts the member.

LG is yet to acknowledge the problem. In the meantime you can download the SGS Touchscreen Booster app, available on the Play Store and try your luck.

Check out the following video demonstration for the touchscreen lag on the Verizon-bound G4.

XDA via AndroidAuthority