Are you one of the many guys out there who could not get to pee that easy when someone is looking at them? Then you would be amused and scared all at the same time with the second installment of LG's So Real It's Crazy in promotion of their IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitors. And once again, it has proven its exceptional capacity to come up with incomparable picture quality.

Stage Fright - So Real It's Crazy 2 Conquers The Men's Bathroom

The LG team installs their UltraWide monitors right above the men's urinals in the men's restroom. Then all the gentlemen who is completely unaware of the installations suddenly witness faces of pretty women who seem to be watching them. There's even one who showed that the woman seem to have even peeked at the guy's thing which really startled him.

All these and more proved how clear the monitors are that you would already find it all too creepy to be true. Most of the guys really went through "performance issues" due to the perception that they were really being observed by the women on the monitors.

Looking Back At "So Real It's Scary 1"

The first part of this video series was as viral as the second one. The 2012 viral movie included the LG team installing their monitors on the elevator floor. When everything was in place, the monitors show the illusion of the elevator slowly disintegrating shocking every occupant who rides it. The stunt of showing its lifelike picture quality amused millions all over the world just after several days on YouTube.

LG Rises As The Leader Of Next Generation Monitors

With this versatile monitor powerhouse that LG presented, the giant company was even given recognition with an iF design award due to its attention catching design and its modern state of the art display technology.

Watch the viral video below: