LG launches X Venture
LG launches X Venture smartphone LG

LG on Monday (22 May) launched its second X series smartphone dubbed X Venture, designed for users who want a tough adventure companion device.

The smartphone will be exclusively available for purchase through AT&T from 26 May. It will be rolled out for consumers in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America in the coming weeks. The pricing and date of release might vary depending on the market where it goes on sale.

The X Venture is IP68 certified, which means it is resistant to water and dust. In addition to this, the smartphone features an app called Outdoor Essentials designed with six useful tools such as barometer, compass, activity counter, exercise tracker, weather reporter and flashlight.

The phone is crafted into a metal frame and sports a non-slip back cover. It comes in two colour variants: black and brown.

Apart from three physical buttons on the front, there is a QuickButton on the side of the phone that works differently depending on how it is pressed: short press for Outdoor Essentials, long press for settings and double press to toggle glove mode to recognise screen taps. It can also be used to launch favourite apps and works even when the screen is off.

It packs a few features found in the LG's G and V series handsets such as fingerprint sensor and dual cameras. The X Venture has a 5.2in screen and uses the Snapdragon 435 processor. There is a five megapixel camera at the front and a 16 megapixel rear camera. It runs on the Android Nougat operating system and packs a 4,100mAh a battery inside.

"Consumers with active lifestyles want devices that they don't need to coddle or worry about when they're on the go," said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, in a statement.

"But the LG X venture isn't a ruggedised phone that makes sacrifices. Its long list of features, long battery life and excellent photo capabilities makes it the ideal companion for customers who wants a phone that works anytime, anywhere," noted Cho.

LG X Venture
LG X Venture packs Outdoor Essentials multi-purpose app LG