Liam Payne is threatening to sue the three bouncers from the Silver Fox club who he claims pushed him to the ground for no reason.

The 26-year-old former One Direction singer took to Instagram after his altercation with the three men to threaten them with a legal case. In a since-deleted IG story, he claimed that the bouncers "jump me for no reason" while he was getting his ID. He said he took photos of the incident and told the men that he is "looking forward" to seeing them in court.

The "Stack It Up" singer was in San Antonio, Texas on Nov. 30 with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Maya Henry, when they ran into some problems at the bar. According to witnesses, Payne and Maya were allowed to get inside the bar by those who recognised them.

However, security stopped them when they tried to re-enter. A clearly upset, and according to some, drunk Payne was caught on video exchanging heated words with the bouncers. The clip shows the singer being held back and at one point warned the men not to touch him.

"Don't f***ing push me again. I swear to God I'll lay your a** out," Payne said in the video obtained by TMZ.

According to witnesses, Payne was in fact pushed to the ground after he and Henry tried to re-enter the bar. They were reportedly stopped because his girlfriend is underage, but the singer tried to force his way in. That was when he was pushed to the ground, hence the dirt on his back. Suffice to say, the Silver Fox bouncers were just doing their job.

"Just saw Liam got attacked at a bar????? I'm ready to fight someone!! No one touches my boys! I really hope he's okay," one fan tweeted.

The video from the pub fight also shows Henry holding on to Payne's waist in an attempt to stop him from creating any more trouble. The flustered singer brushed her away and continued arguing with the men. The couple, along with some friends, reportedly decided to leave the Silver Fox club on their own without police assistance.

 Liam Payne
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