Armie Hammer split from wife Elizabeth Banks in July for undisclosed reasons. Sources claim that his "Rebecca" co-star may be involved.

Banks reportedly discovered passionate text messages from a woman named "Adeline" on his phone which left her "devastated, heartbroken." At the time, the actor was filming the Netflix film with James in various places including Devon, Dorset, and Hertfordshire.

Interestingly, the actress' name on the call sheet and on her trailer was "Adeline." Sources on the set claimed that the "Cinderella" star flirted with Hammer even though she knew he was married and shares two kids with the 38-year old Banks.

The insiders claimed that James was into Hammer from the moment she saw him. Incidentally, at the time they filmed "Rebecca," her relationship with Matt Smith was also on the rocks.

"She was not subtle. And he was into it, no doubt about it. She was touching him constantly, giving him long smoldering looks," the source told Daily Mail.

"While he was filming, he chose to have weeks away in the English countryside instead of returning to see his family who were also in the UK. This is all very typical of him," the insider added.

Filming for "Rebecca" began in June 2019 and ended in August. Hammer flew back to Los Angeles with his family afterwards. He returned to London alone weeks later. Their marriage reportedly went on a downward spiral upon their return to Los Angeles when Banks saw the messages.

Hammer and Banks went to therapy to work on their marriage and they were in the middle of it when the pandemic happened. The family decided to quarantine in the Cayman Islands but he returned to Los Angeles after two months because he could not take the close quarters. It was the last straw for Banks when she received a sexually explicit text message from Hammer, which she knew was for another woman.

On July 10, the couple released a joint statement to announce their split although they listed a different separation date in the divorce papers. Hammer wrote January and Banks July. To this day, the actor has not seen his children as they are still with his ex-wife in the Cayman Islands.

As for James, she was recently linked with another married man, Dominic West, after they were seen kissing during a romantic trip to Rome.

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