Bradley Cooper in Limitless TV series
Bradley Cooper will return to his role as writer Eddie, from the 2011 movie Limitless, for sci-fi television spin off YouTube) (CBS

It was announced back in 2013 that Bradley Cooper was producing a spin-off television series to his 2011 film Limitless, and now two years later, CBS has released the first trailer for the upcoming sci-fi show.

From the sneak peak, it is revealed that Cooper will return to his role as Eddie Morra, a struggling writer whose life changed dramatically when he came across designer drug NZT, which unlocks his 'limitless' potential. But he soon realises that while the drug opens his mind, it can also open him up to a whole world of trouble.

It seems as if the television show will follow much of the same storyline as the film; a young man is influenced by a mysterious stranger to take an enhancement drug, only to discover that it enables him to access 100% of his brain. Giving him unparalleled intelligence and immeasurable confidence, he finds that any task he embarks on is achievable.

But this time round, there are police involved and complex cases to be solved.

Thanks to the opportunities presented to him by taking the drug, Morra is now a US senator – a fact revealed separately to the clip.

The first episode of the show is said to begin where the movie left off, which makes sense considering the teaser's depiction of a master-like Morra who appears to be guiding a new NZT user through everything the medication has to offer.

Basically, he's benefitted from the drug and now wants to get others on board. His motive for this however, is not indicated in the trailer and opens up the potential for twists during the series.

American Sniper's Jake McDorman plays that said new user, Brian Finch, a man approached by Morra and persuaded to become his next protégé.

As well as Cooper and McDorman, the series will also star Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter and Grimm's Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as two FBI agents who, failing to catch and stop Finch from wreaking havoc in the city, decide to use his new-found genius to help them take down killers that are after the drug themselves.

The network has announced that the show will air around the autumn of this year, on Tuesday nights at 10pm, but has yet to release a specific start date.