Scandal Season 4 Jake is alive
The previous episode of Scandal ended in a cliffhanger, when Jake was repeatedly stabbed by Russel (Scandal/ABC

Scandal season 4 will air its finale episode this Thursday, 14 May, titled You Can't Take My Command on ABC.

Fans will see Olivia Pope going to any extent to bring down her father and his secret organisation B613, which was responsible for the death of president Fitz's son in the season 3 finale. In the previous episode we saw Rowan Pope attack Jake, through Russell. Rowan did this make his daughter suffer in pain.

Meanwhile, the secret of Foxtail was also revealed in the penultimate episode after Huck and Quinn tortured Russell to extract the information. And the truth was shocking, not only for Olivia but for fans alike, as it was revealed that Mellie was using the name Foxtail and that her presidential campaign was being supported by Rowan Pope!

In the finale episode, fans will get to know whether or not Fitz's wife wins the Senate election.

The official synopsis of the season 4 finale reads: "Everything comes to a head in the shocking season finale when Olivia and the team finally make some big moves to take down Command, and Mellie's fate is sealed as the election results are announced."

Kerry Washington (Olivia) meanwhile has warned her fans to stay prepared for some shocking moments in the concluding episode of this season.

"There's a lot of things that could explode," Washington told Jimmy Fallon on Tonight's show. "When we finished the table read for this finale, I was so shocked, I looked at Shonda and said, 'Where do we go from here? How do we even have a fifth season after this'?" Washington added.

The finale of Scandal season 4 airs on 14 May on ABC. Click here to watch it via stream online.